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Our executive team is focused on the logistics of the March For Science - San Francisco. The vision and execution of this event is a highly collaborative effort of over 30 individuals from diverse communities across the Bay Area.

Kristen Ratan

Kristen Ratan is co-Founder of the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to evolve how knowledge is created, produced, and shared. Kristen has a 20-year history working to accelerate advances in science and research communication, having held leadership positions at the Public Library of Science (PLOS), HighWire Press, Atypon and BIOSIS.

Dominic Chan

Dominic works for the Engineers and Scientists of California which represents thousands of science based professionals including several hundred engineers and environmental scientists at the EPA. In his almost 30 year career in the labor movement, he has help to give thousands of employees a greater say in their working conditions. He first got involved in unions as a PhD graduate student in the successful effort to organize 4000 teaching and graduate assistants at the State University of New York (SUNY) system. He believes strongly that professional science based employees need a collective voice to in their working conditions.

Bryan Dunyak

Bryan is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California - San Francisco. He obtained his PhD from the University of Michigan in Biological Chemistry. Currently, he studies drug discovery in oncology and neurodegenerative diseases. Bryan works to facilitate scientific outreach as a leader on the Reddit Science team, working to make science accessible and meaningful to the public. He also holds executive positions with Voke Tab, Inc. and OrgPack.

Isaac Gendler

Isaac Gendler is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at San Jose State University. He became involved with the march for science due to his concern for the widespread irrational and anti-empirical thinking of the modern age. Isaac has worked in research with individuals from five different continents, and is aspiring to become a researcher in sustainable energy, engineering, and systems.

Matt Grimmer

Matt is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Neurosurgery at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. He studies cancer genomes to see how incurable brain tumors evolve to resist chemotherapy. Matt is the UCSF campus chair and statewide trustee for UAW local 5810, the union representing ~7,000 scientists throughout the UC and Lawrence Berkeley Labs. In 2016, Matt was a member of the UAW contract bargaining team that won unprecedented improvements for postdoc working conditions, including the highest salaries for public institution postdocs in the country.

Kishore Hari

Kishore Hari is a science educator who specializes in producing innovative live science events. Currently, he's the director of the Bay Area Science Festival, which is based out of the University of California, San Francisco. Hari hosts Mother Jones' weekly science podcast Inquiring Minds and is the science correspondent for Adam Savage's Tested.com. Kishore is a former chemist who previously founded an environmental services company that specialized in treatment and removal of mercury.

Emma Harrell

Emma is a biomedical engineer from Duke University who has spent the last ten years working at a biotechnology company based in San Francisco. She was born and raised in Petaluma and currently lives in the East Bay with her husband and two small children.

Robin Lopez

A Bay Area native, Robin D. López was raised in Richmond, CA. He's been educated locally (De Anza HS, Contra Costa College, SFSU, & SJSU). He teaches 4th/5th graders for a STEAM-based non-profit, METAS, and also works at the Berkeley Lab as a Research Associate in the Hydrogeology Department. Mr. López is marching for science, because diversity programs, and scientific access/inquiry provided him opportunities to develop into a researcher. He hopes for future generations to be afforded greater opportunities.

Adam Miller


John Petrouski

John is a 2017 Bar Candidate who is currently employed at a Workers Compensation law firm in Marin County. Born and raised on the Peninsula, he spent four years on-board the USS Chicago before getting a degree at the Univeristy of Illinois and then finally making his way back home. He currently lives in the East Bay with his wife, Emma. His primary motivation for involvement with MSF is his daughter Ellie and her brother Charlie.

Stephanie Fine Sasse

Stephanie is the CEO & Creative Director of The People's Science, a nonprofit technology, event, and curriculum development company focused on lifelong STEM/STEAM education. Previously, she trained as a researcher in the Affective Neuroscience & Development Lab at Harvard University. She was awarded the 2013 Leadership in Education Award from Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she completed her Masters the same year.

Monique Smith

Monique Leana Smith is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. She obtained her PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University. Monique studies pain and addiction and has received awards from organizations such as the Oregon Brain Institute, the Portland Alcohol Research center, and the Oregon Pain Awareness Network. Monique has been involved in scientific outreach through efforts with Women in Science and N.W. Noggin (an arts and science integrated outreach program). She recently travelled to Washington D.C. with members of Northwest Noggin to brief members of Congress about the importance of scientific communication and outreach.

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